Binion Lodge

James and Eileen Binion
Mom and Dad on their 50th wedding anniversary - they were married 73 years.

Welcome to Binion Lodge, a charming retreat with a rich history rooted in family and nostalgia. Named after its original owners, James and Eileen Binion—my parents—the lodge's story unfolds with memories of our shared past.

In 1968, my parents acquired the property from Mom's uncle, embarking on a journey that would shape the lodge's character. As children, my siblings and I reveled in carefree days, casting fishing lines into Beaver Lake and swimming in the pond.

The lodge began as an aging 1.5-story house, dating back to the late 1800s. With a growing family of four children and only two bedrooms, expansion became a necessity. During this process, a surprising find awaited us in the backyard—an ancient tombstone, initially mistaken for a sidewalk piece. Unveiling its true nature as a grave marker from the late 1800s added an intriguing layer to our history, sparking playful tales of a ghostly presence on the upper story.

Dad, ever the cultivator of the unconventional, experimented with crops like hickory cane corn and tobacco. Our backyard was a lively haven for various animals, from cows and chickens to pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and even a memorable few years with a llama named Sammy, drawing curious onlookers to our pastures.

In January 2016, tragedy struck as the original house burned to the ground when Dad was 86 and Mom was 82. Salvaging only a cabinet filled with cherished photographs, they temporarily relocated while we forged ahead with plans for a new home. Six months later, they returned to a thoughtfully designed house, accommodating any future mobility challenges.

In 2022, Mom peacefully passed away at home, and Dad followed 11 months later in 2023. I was able to purchase the property and adjoining farmland and make renovations (Mom didn't want a dishwasher!). Our family celebrated Christmas and New Year's Eve in the Lodge and we hope you'll find as much joy and happiness as we have found in this home and the surroundings.

We invite you to stay at Binion Lodge and make new memories in our home, which holds a special place in our family's history. The lodge is ready to be a backdrop for your experiences, both past and present.